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Grinning Dog Pictures launched in 1995, breaking cable TV records with their one hour Lifetime Television special, "Jessica Savitch: An Intimate Portrait". With 45 national and international awards to their credit, Grinning Dog Pictures is a team of forward thinkers doing breakthrough programming.

  • Award winning big screen film attractions – to global world premiere series
  • International Indie documentary on HD – to global network film commissions
  • Independent short documentaries – to IMAX
  • Hybrid internet ezine/TV broadcast – to 4th screen and outernet-casts
  • Multiple Emmy Awards, national and international awards in broadcasting
  • Official Selections and winners of national and international Film Festivals
  • Programs won awards in directing, writing, producing, music and art direction
  • Highest rating in basic cable TV for Lifetime Television
  • Prime time series most watched program of the season on Channel 4 in the UK
  • Prime time series drew over 4 times the average viewers on Discovery Europe
  • Contributed episodes for highest rated series on CourtTV/TrueTV
NBC, CBS, FOX, Discovery, TLC, Discovery Health, Discovery Europe, CourtTV, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, New York Times, Hearst Entertainment

As co-founder and executive producer of Grinning Dog Pictures, Connie is an innovative producer/director of exceptional talent and energy, with multiple national and international awards including five Emmy awards. Her skills include shooting and editing as an independent filmmaker.

The eyes of an artist inspire filmmaker Connie Bottinelli to be an exceptional story teller. Connie has an extraordinary gift to engage the viewer and connect to the person in front of the lens.

"Filmmaking feeds my passion. Personally, it’s an exhilarating choice of how to make a contribution during my lifetime. One of the gifts I treasure is the once in a lifetime experiences through every story I tell." From visual artist to story teller, from dancer to musician, from writer to business executive, from public speaker to intimate listener…Connie’s career as a filmmaker leaves no skills untapped.

Connie is often invited as a guest speaker to Universities and film conferences to discuss documentary filmmaking and writing. She is the featured interview in the book Life in the Lens. Mentoring young filmmakers is a part of Connie’s vision.

>Before filmmaking, Connie’s career was as a professional painter, sculptor and still photographer. A background in fine arts gives her the insights of an artist using the medium of film and video. Her involvement in the performing arts spans a decade, and ranges from theatrical directing to choreography to lighting and set design. Connie has knowledge of four musical instruments and four languages.